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The Benefits Of Distance Healing Or Psychic Counselling With Me…

A Boost For Your Health And Immunity

A distance healing with me will help boost your immunity and your general health.  By promoting deep relaxation and reducing the amount of stress that you feel your body’s natural healing powers can be relased and allowed to do what they do best.  To heal.

Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Whatever reason you choose to have a healing or psychic counselling one of the associated benefits of the process is the reduction of stress and anxiety with almost immediate effect.  As I continue to work with you this effect snowballs very quickly and over a reasonably short period of time there will be a marked improvement in your stress and anxiety levels.

A Quicker Recovery From Illness

When in receipt of healing’s from me your recovery from illness can be much quicker. Because the healing will naturally evoke a state of stillness in mind and body the healing processes can work that much faster without hindrance. Regardless of the illness, whether it be common cold or cancer the recovery process can be drastically reduced.

Relief From Pain

Profound relief from pain can be experienced from regular healing’s and psychic counselling sessions. Many of my clients have reported that they no longer need to use the same amount of pain killers that they had previously used whilst other have commented that the pain has completely gone.  Whatever level of pain you are enduring my services can help ease this.

Mental And Emotional Balance

My healings and psychic counsel create a mental and emotional balance that will help and aid all areas of modern life.  Unfortunately, the pace that many of us have to lead our modern lives is not ideal and imbalance both mentally and emotionally can frequently occur. Sessions with me can bring these aspects into balance and keep them there which leads to a much calmer and fulfilling life experience.

Help With Depression

For many people depression is a very real and debilitating condition. A healing or psychic counselling session with me can help alleviate this and bring back balance to the situation.  For depression and associated conditions the healing works on an extremely deep level.  Many of my clients who suffer with depression have reported varying levels of improvement in this area and the ability to reduce or sometimes finish with the drugs used for the treatment completely.

Compliments Medical Treatments

My Healing’s  and psychic counselling are completely safe and compliment all medical treatments.  All my of my work comes from a pure place of love and light and will not impact in any negative way on any existing medical treatment that you may be receiving. It can help speed up convalescence periods as well as helping to mitigate the need for extended drug use.

Spiritual And Psychic Growth

My healing’s and psychic counselling can enhance spiritual and psychic growth. It can open up your spiritual gifts and illuminate your spiritual path so that the way forward for you will be more clearly marked.  All healing’s come from the highest spiritual source and do not have any negative effects. Many of my clients have reported spiritual and psychic awakenings after my healing’s.

Before, During and After Your Sessions


Before Your Session

Once you book your healing/psychic counselling you will be contacted by me for some basic information, i.e a little about why you want the healing/psychic counselling, the time that you want it etc.  Prior to making your booking if you have any questions you can speak with me using the details on our contact page. I like to talk to my clients provided they want to. Alternatively, you can take a look at the FAQ section.   Shortly before a healing is due to take place you may sometimes feel an energy build-up. This is perfectly normal and may manifest in a number of different ways.  This is just your natural preparation for the healing.  Once you have booked I will send you some information in order that you can prepare for the healing. This is by no means in depth and nothing special is required, merely guidelines. If you have any questions I am always contactable if you cannot raise me immediately I’m probably healing but will come back to you very soon afterwards. 


During Your Session

Depending on what you book I will spend approximately one  to one and a half hours on your healing or counselling. Different people report different things during their healing however all report a sense of calm and deep relaxation.  A feeling of comfort and being nurtured is also often reported.  Others see colours and some have reported having had a spiritual and or psychic awakening.  For some, the experience can be quite dramatic and they can feel the healing working on the areas that require it whilst others have a much quieter experience but report that they just feel great afterwards. Whatever your experience is you can be safe in the knowledge that the is healing is working in the most divine way possible.

After Your Session

In the days following your healing or psychic counselling, many clients report that they feel energized, refreshed and much more centred and calm.  Client’s also report being able to sleep better and have a clarity of mind that was not evident previously.  Some client also report they feel a little tired or headachy.  This is good and completely normal as its the natural healing process of the body being kick-started.  All clients are keen to intimate that overall things start to improve very quickly and the situations or aliments that they have previously been having issues with begin to dissipate.  At this time i.e soon after the healing provided you agree I will contact you to have a quick follow up regarding the healing and anything that I have picked up on a psychic level and impart any recommendations or guidelines that I have regarding this.  

What Level Of Service Can I Expect.....


Always Contactable

If you feel the need to contact me that option is there for you in as many ways as possible.  Depending on the plan you choose you can contact me in many different ways any time that you please. For some clients to have access to me during the healing and counselling process is crucial, for others not so much but it’s good to have the option.  I will always be available to you before and after your healing so that any questions that you have can be addressed and anything that came up during the healing can be properly dealt with. 

I Care

Healing is my life and vocation.  I have very strong empath qualities and together with a life that has given me a wide and varied selection of experiences I can connect very well with my clients and their specific issues.  Whether they be mental physical or spiritual I will usually be in tune with them allowing me to administer a bespoke level of care, healing and counselling if required that can bring profound results.  Your well-being is of paramount importance especially so when you entrust me with your care.

I Provide Follow-Up

After you have received your healing I will always follow up with you.  There are many reasons for this but the main one being that you understand that with me you are not just a number.  Healing is my life and vocation, your spiritual mental and physical health are very important to me.  With a follow, up we can help isolate any other unwanted situations if they exist and follow up with some bespoke recommendations and guidelines that you can take on board if you wish.  This will ensure the healing process will be as successful as possible.  Your long term health and vitality are important to me, but more importantly to you and the people that care for you.


What My Clients Say...

I have had number of distance healing’s from Pauric and together with his psychic counselling it has been so helpful.  I suffer with severe anxiety and depression and had been taking a lot of medication but because of his healing’s my life has been completely turned around. Not only were the healing’s beneficial but Pauric was there when needed and also offered sound follow up advice for me. I am very grateful.


New York,

I suffer with MS. The distance treatments I have had from Pauric at Hazel-tree have been life changing. He was always on hand and contactable and through this process I was able to communicate the problems that I was facing in that way.  The psychic counselling aspect has not only helped with the ms but also with so much more.   Whilst my condition is still present, it no longer rules my life and I have relief that I never thought I would. Thank you.


Enfield, London

I had been feeling listless and without energy for quite a prolonged period.  My doctor tried many different tests and diets but none worked very well. A friend of mine recommended Pauric to me and I contacted him. We spoke and he started the healing process.  I felt immediate benefits and my energy levels are like they were years ago, much better.  Through the psychic counselling we isolated what the problem was and eradicated it. Never in a million years would I have thought it so simple. I am so grateful and would fully recommend him.



Today I am happy, today I am free from the drug addiction that was destroying my life.  I had tried in vain many times to stop but to no avail. I came across Pauric quite by accident. He is so understanding and with the help of his healing and psychic counselling my life has taken on a new meaning.  I am now expecting my first child with my beautiful fiance and I cant put into words just how grateful I am for this chance. Thank you so very much



For many years I had lived with a condition called trigeminal neuralgia, more colorfully know as the “suicide pain”.  I was on lots of medication and my life was very difficult. I started receiving regular distance treatments with Pauric and the symptoms started to dissipate.  I was able to cut back on the drugs almost immediately and now am drug free. The pain has not fully gone but I am so much better, plus its improving all the time. I am eternally grateful to him.



I had been living my life in a pretty bad way, I was mentally and spiritually imbalanced.  I’m not a bad guy but I was doing some pretty bad things.  One of my family recommended Pauric and with a lot of skepticism I gave him a shot. I was pretty blown away.  Through his healing and counselling another world opened to me.  I started to learn to love again and especially learned to love me.  He has been such a help to me with his healing’s and also his kind understanding words.



When my husband died I was distraught for many years, with loss, grief and other horrible emotions.  I had sought help from many different sources to help me. Pauric’s unique blend of healing allowed me to finally accept the death of my husband and also allowed me to realise in the most loving manner that it was not the end for my husband but merely another step on his journey.  Paurics psychic counselling techniques also removed my fear of death and a by product of the process is that the work has also helped in every other aspect of my life. Thank you Pauric,



I was fortunate to find Pauric and from my first session could immediately tell his healing powers are very strong. With his psychic counselling he has helped me with all kinds of challenges that I face in my life and is always spot on in his explanations and and what he feels is going on. I feel very relaxed but also full of energy after my sessions with him.  In addition to this Pauric is just such a kind and joyful person to deal with. I cannot say enough good things about Pauric and I am very grateful I have found him.



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